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Start Trading Stocks

If you are new to the markets, still are unsure where to get started, or don’t know how they work – then this book is a great starting place.

In this book, I focus on giving you the in’s and out’s about the stock market. How money is made, how to get started, choose a broker, look at charts, and executing a trade.

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What you will learn with Start Trading Stocks

  • How money is made in the stock market and how much can you expect on your investment returns
  • How to get started trading, the tools you need, how much capital to begin with, and how to get a brokerage account
  • Get insight on stops, why stops are essential, and how to set your stops in your trades
  • Learn the critical concepts to fundamental analysis and what things are a waste of time
  • Build a foundation on reading stock charts, technical analysis, support, resistance, gaps, and reading chart patterns
  • You will learn how to correctly put on a trade from finding a stock, position-sizing, measure your risk to reward, and executing the order
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Jump-Start Your Stock Trading Journey the Right Way

If you are new to trading stocks, it’s vital that you learn how to play the game before placing a trade. When you know and understand how to trade stocks the right way, it gives you a higher chance of success.

You won’t have a perfect trading record just like you can’t win every game you play in hockey. 

That is to say with understanding, practice, and getting a few tricks to help you along the way – you can put the odds of success in your favor.


Who is this book for and who should read it?

This book is focused towards anyone who is new to the stock market and is interested in learning to invest and trade stocks. If you are intermediate or advanced at trading you may want to take a look at some of our other material.


What will I learn from this book?

In this book we guide you how to trade and invest stocks from start to finish at a fundamental level. This book is setup to teach you the basics of how the market works, how to setup a trade, read fundamental analysis, learn technical analysis, and manage your money.


How much does the book cost?

This book is only $3.99 for the PDF version. Less than a few candy treats.


How many pages is this book?

This book is 250 pages – it’s detailed in every way possible for people who are new to investing and trading stocks.

What Other People Say About This Book

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Shelby McClure


This is a great book for someone looking to begin investing in the stock market. The best quality of this book is its organization and concise explanations. A lot of other books out there skip explaining the fundamentals, which can be very frustrating to someone who is just looking to learn the basics before moving on to the more complicated aspects of trading. Moreover, Sasha does a great job taking the reader from concepts and principles to the practice of trading. This is another highlight of the book that I have yet to find in another beginner’s guide. Overall, I would say that this is great comprehensive guide to trading stocks that I am glad I purchased.



Jump-start your trading the right way with "Start Trading Stocks"

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Written for people who are dedicated and interested in seeing results, get the book, and start applying the methods mentioned.

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Book by Sasha Evdakov: A Beginner's Guide to Trading and Investing Stock Market

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Hi Sasha, Greatly appreciate your videos and the new books. They are pretty good. You are really a genius buddy!


Thank you very much!









Dear Sasha,


Thank you so much for your work, I think you are a wonderful mentor! I came across your videos few months ago and I just love listening and learning from you. I'm new in trading and I believe with your help I will succeed:)