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How to Start a Profitable Blog Business that Makes You Money!

In this book, we will cover the fundamentals and basics of how you can start a profitable online blog business.

I will share with you my quick tips to getting started as well guide you through the process of setting up your own blog business.

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What you will learn with How to Start a Profitable Blog Business that Makes You Money!

  • Learn about the costs associated with starting a blog business
  • See why most bloggers fail and how you can avoid the pitfall
  • How to build a successful blog empire and continue to scale it up
  • How to ramp-up your blog and have a successful $100,000 year
  • Get insight into finding a profitable niche that pays and calculating the value of your niche
  • How to setup, design your blog, and create content that attracts your future customers
  • How to implement things quickly in your blog and test what works and what doesn’t
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Your Blueprint to Starting a Profitable Blog Business

Maximize your chance of success with your blog by understanding how to properly build a blog business that attracts customers and makes you money.

A blog without traffic, customers, and one that is unprofitable is destined to fail – don’t let that happen to you!

For less than the cost of a fancy Starbucks latte, you get the knowledge and wisdom to build your blog business the right way and avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars.


How is this book different from other books?

Not only is this book exceptionally detailed, but this book also goes into the psychology and key business concepts that make a business successful. This way, you know your niche potential, how to create headlines that sell and get clicks, and build a product pipeline that makes you money consistently.


Can I download this book to my computer or tablet?

If you get the PDF version through our website then you can keep it on your computer, tablet, or any other device you own. However, if you purchase it through Amazon, there may be limitations as it will be a kindle version. 


How much does the book cost?

This book is only $4.99 – less than a sandwich… 


How many pages is this book?

This book is 158 pages long

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Ready to Build a Profitable Blog Empire?

Learn how to build your blog business the right way and see how to create a blog with a solid foundation.

Packed with smart mindsets and strategies that save you time, money, and give you the blueprints to building a blog empire.

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Book by Sasha Evdakov: Start a Profitable Blog Business

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Hi Sasha, Greatly appreciate your videos and the new books. They are pretty good. You are really a genius buddy!


Thank you very much!









Dear Sasha,


Thank you so much for your work, I think you are a wonderful mentor! I came across your videos few months ago and I just love listening and learning from you. I'm new in trading and I believe with your help I will succeed:)