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Business Launch Pad

This book is focused on showing you the critical concepts on how to build a profitable business from scratch. Even if you have a business you will learn how to accelerate it into hyperdrive.

Also, this book is focused on foundational concepts, setup structure, essentials of marketing, and time-saving productivity tips. Pick it up today by clicking one of the links below.

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What you will learn with Business Launch Pad

  • How to have the right mindset to become successful with your business
  • How to correctly choose the type of business you should start from service, product, or recurring membership business
  • How to choose a niche that doesn’t expire, has value, and brings you riches
  • How to properly grow and ramp up your business and start making money with it quickly
  • The smart approach to marketing and how to think about acquiring customers
  • How to accelerate your growth through word of mouth marketing and get other people to sell your product or service
  • How to save time and money by working intelligently and being productive in the activities you do
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Ready to Start a Highly Successful Business?

Business Launch Pad was written to give you an inside look into a starting, building, and growing a profitable business.

Whether you want to start an online, service, or product-based business, this book will get you to build a blueprint towards a profitable business.

Packed with topics on how to find the perfect niche, choosing a business name, dominate the competition, get more referrals, and extreme productivity tactics.

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Is this book for online or off-line business strategies?

This book is centered around creating and launching a profitable business. It does not matter if you have an online-only or a brick and mortar business. The strategies and concepts will apply to all companies.


How many pages is this book and what does it cost?

This book is 248 pages. The PDF version costs $3.99


What are the key concepts that are covered in this book?

In this book we first tackle the mindsets and preparation needed to creating a successful business. Topics include picking a niche, building a product line, connecting with your customer, word of mouth marketing, ramping up your growth, and being more productive.


Can I download this book to my computer or tablet?

If you get the PDF version through our website then you can keep it on your computer, tablet, or any other device you own. However, if you purchase it through Amazon, there may be limitations as it will be a kindle version. 

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Interested in building & exploding your business?

This book is packed with mindsets and strategies for people who are ready to accelerate their business and grow it to the next level.

If you are serious about getting more web traffic, landing more clients, and making more money then get this book!

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Book by Sasha Evdakov: Business Launch Pad -- Creation and Growth Strategies

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Dear Sasha,


Thank you so much for your work, I think you are a wonderful mentor! I came across your videos few months ago and I just love listening and learning from you. I'm new in trading and I believe with your help I will succeed:)