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245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups (Vol #2)

This book is volume #2 of the 245 Money Making Stock Chart series books. In this book, we focus on charts that are specific to making money when stocks sell off!

There are 245 charts in this book – all focused on shorting stocks. Become better at reading charts with my entry, exit points, and personal notes.

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What you will learn with 245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups (Vol #2)

  • The proper mindset you need to have when it comes to shorting stocks
  • How to evaluate and look at potential shorting opportunities
  • How to spot weakening stock charts that are ready to rollover
  • Get practice reading potential shorts, patterns, and support & resistance levels
  • How to correctly read and identify healthy bearish volume patterns
  • How to identify bearish ABCD patterns and use them to project how low a stock will go
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Learn to Find Shorting Opportunities by the Charts

The markets don’t always go straight up, and therefore, you cannot go long all the time. When markets rollover, it is nice to be able to profit from a downward move – in other words shorting.

To profit from shorting, you have to learn how to read stock charts at their peak and identify weak stock charts.

In this book, you will be able to practice and get better at spotting shorting opportunities. You will learn to identify weak volume, bearish patterns, and profitable shorting opportunities by reviewing previous charts.


How is this book different than other books?

This book focuses on practicing stock charts. It isn’t about sharing with my journey, the steps, or a guide. Instead, it is about building up your technical analysis awareness to reading shorting opportunities, where to get in and when to take profits.


What kind of charts are covered in this book?

We typically focus on stocks over $50 per share. Stocks that are small-priced do not have much room to fall, but with higher-priced stocks, you have much more range in your shorting opportunities.


Do you recommend this book in a PDF, Kindle, or print version?

If you have it on print, you can pick up the book anytime and browse through the charts. The PDF version I would say is the next best since you can rotate the PDFs or view it on any device. With a kindle – you are stuck with Amazon devices.


If I have your other courses, should I still get this book?

Courses are great for getting knowledge into your brain. With a book, it allows you to sit and digest information personally. Books are excellent for giving you the practice you need, and for the cost a hamburger, the value is remarkable.

What Other People Say About This Book

Evdakov is a great teacher. I have followed him for years. Learned everything i know and have become a profitable trader from him

Eric W.


I have followed Sasha Evdakov for awhile now and have enjoyed his trainings. This book takes it to another level as it gives you very interesting look at charts in more detail. I have now learned how to spot good set ups and take advantage of them while minimizing loss.

Peter Kahuria


Learn how to profit from shorting stocks the right way!

This book has 245 profitable shorting opportunities that are set up to teach you how to short stocks the right way and profit from a downside move.

If you are serious about getting better at reading technical analysisfind entry points, see when to take profits, and build your chart reading skills then, get this book!

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Book by Sasha Evdakov: 245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups -- Short Trading

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Hi Sasha, Greatly appreciate your videos and the new books. They are pretty good. You are really a genius buddy!


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Dear Sasha,


Thank you so much for your work, I think you are a wonderful mentor! I came across your videos few months ago and I just love listening and learning from you. I'm new in trading and I believe with your help I will succeed:)