Book by Sasha Evdakov: 100 Stock Trading Tips Bookcover

100 Stock Trading Tips

This is my newest stock trading book that was written to get traders to start thinking differently about the markets and their trading strategy.

In this book, I discuss taboo topics that most people ignore, don’t want to admit to, or just never heard of. This book doesn’t just list the tips but gives you a detailed explanation for every single tip.

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What you will learn with 100 Stock Trading Tips

  • The smart way to think about trading during different seasons such as summer and winter
  • What is essential in your analysis – technicals vs. fundamentals
  • How patience can play a huge role in your profitability and success
  • How to properly think about large institutional investors and how you should position yourself around them
  • What types of stocks should you focus on trading and which ones you should avoid or not waste your time on
  • How to trading during earnings, events, and news that may influence your stock.

Secret Mindsets to Profiting That Most Traders Don't Know

When it comes to trading stocks, there are hidden little insider secrets that most people don’t know about. They are not top-secret, but they are more like a whisper of knowledge that isn’t often shared unless your best friend is a trader.

In this book, I will whisper these little bits of knowledge with you and share with you common mindsets that most people overlook when they trade stocks.

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What type of tips are in this book?

Tips range from psychology and mindset tips to things to focus on, technical analysis, and money management. The book was written to give you a tip and then under the tip is a detailed explanation on the reasoning behind the tip.


Can I download this book to my computer or tablet?

If you get the PDF version through our website then you can keep it on your computer, tablet, or any other device you own. However, if you purchase it through Amazon, there may be limitations as it will be a kindle version. 


How much does the book cost?

This book is only $3.99 – less than the price of lunch… 


How many pages is this book?

This book is 115 pages long

What Other People Say About This Book

Excellent Book. Contains all of the major important aha moments that take a trader years to discover. Most importantly, points are worded concisely and then explained in short paragraphs. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in serious trading because the information provided is so truly valuable. The book only took me about two hours to read and was very digestible.



Great little book full of useful tips; 100 in all as the title implies. If you are just starting out I would highly recommend this book as well as many of the free and paid resources that author’s company offers. This is a business and it can be very difficult to find good stock trading education.

Leo S.


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In this book, you will get an inside look at the smart way of trading, how to avoid traps putting on positions, and where you should focus as you navigate the markets.

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Book by Sasha Evdakov: 100 Stock Trading Tips - A Profitable Trader Mindset

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Hi Sasha, Greatly appreciate your videos and the new books. They are pretty good. You are really a genius buddy!


Thank you very much!









Dear Sasha,


Thank you so much for your work, I think you are a wonderful mentor! I came across your videos few months ago and I just love listening and learning from you. I'm new in trading and I believe with your help I will succeed:)