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Options Mastery: Calendars

A calendar options strategy focuses on positive vega strategies that allow you make money from options decaying in low volatility environments!

With a calendar, you sell the front-month option contact and buy a later month for protection. 

You make money since the front-month contract decays faster than than your later-month protection contact.

COMING SOON - Expected Sept, 2019

Mindsets of a Master Stock Trader

This book focuses on the inner game of trading. Instead of general concepts, strategies, and techniques – it was written to make you look deeper inside yourself and evolve the trader inside of you.

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20 Rules for Investing Success

These rules are concepts, ideas, and methodologies that you can use to get you to thinking differently about trading, evolve your strategies, and bring you closer to consistency.


Business Launch Pad

This book is packed with mindsets and strategies for people who are ready to accelerate their business and grow it to the next level.

If you are serious about getting more web trafficlanding more clients, and making more money, then that’s what this book is about!

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