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Learn in-depth technical analysis techniques so that you can forecast a stock movement & behavior

with Trading with Technical Analysis

Course Difficulty:

This course is recommended for people who have good basics about the stock market and have been studying the markets for a year or more. Although the contents and presentation of this course are suited for a beginner to understand, you should be an enthusiastic and passionate learner as this course is extremely in-depth and requires multiple hours of study.

Recommended Prerequisites: Understanding the Stock Market & How it Works or Stock Trading Foundation and a huge learning drive.

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Over 10+ Hours of in-depth Stock Market Technical Analysis Training

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Overview of the Technical Analysis Course

See a detailed breakdown of each video and what you will learn

(DVD 1) Module 1: Introduction

Run time: 51 minutes

In the first video you will learn the foundation and basics to getting the most from this course. We will start convering a general overview of analysis and what to focus on as you study the material. You will learn:

  • Tips, ideas, and techniques of how you can be more successful in this course
  • Key important things you should watch when reading technical analysis
  • Common obstacles for most people just starting to trade and tips on how you can overcome these obstacles
  • A general overview of fundamental analysis and technical analysis why you want to focus on the technicals
  • What I focus on as I evaluate a stock prior to taking a trade
  • What I ignore and don't care about when I trade stocks

(DVD 2) Module 2: Technical Basics

Run time: 34 minutes

In this video you will learn the technical basics. Before you can read technical analysis or apply it to your trading, you have to know what it is all about and how you can use it. You will learn:

  • What is technical analysis all about and why is it important
  • Why you should use technical analysis to make a majority of your trading decisions
  • Understanding cycles and how stocks move in repeatable cycles that gives you an advantage to predict
  • How to evaluate a stock on multiple time-frames
  • A common phrase you should remember when looking at stock charts that will stick with you for life
  • 3 key points to remember about technical analysis

(DVD 3) Module 3: Charting Basics

Run time: 43 minutes

Charting basics is about getting the right foundation to reading and evaluating stock charts. There are a variety of ways you can look at charts from the types of charts to various time frames. You will learn:

  • What are candlesticks and why you should learn about them
  • Different types of charts that you can look at when trading off the charts
  • The difference between arithmetic and logarithmic charts and which one you should use
  • Critical questions you should ask yourself when looking at charts
  • Why you must look at different chart-time frames before taking a trade
  • What are trends and the significance of trends
  • 3 different types of trends in stocks and which one to focus on when trading
  • What a violation of a trend will tell you about a stock

(DVD 4) Module 4: Candlesticks

Run time: 31 minutes

In this video you will learn about the important candlestick patterns to watch for when looking at stock charts. By learning about a few major candlestick patterns, you will learn how a stock is moving for that time period, and you will know when a stock may change momentum or direction. You will learn:

  • What are engulfing patterns and why you should watch for them
  • What are hammers and hanging men
  • What are shooting stars, what they look like, and why you should scan for them
  • Four different types of dojis and what they represent on the chart

(DVD 5) Module 5: Volume

Run time: 64 minutes

In this module you will learn how volume is the critical leading indicator to watch when trading stocks. Volume is the fuel that moves the stocks. Without knowing or understanding quality volume, you won't know if your stock move is real. In this module you will learn:

  • What is volume and why it is so important
  • What volume tells you when it is increasing or decreasing
  • How to read quality volume and stop high-value trades
  • What you should be watching when strong volume breaks out
  • How you can calculate intraday volume to spot high volume signals during the day
  • Four phases a stock goes through and repeats
  • Five different volume chart patterns to look for and what they mean
  • A volume training exercise you can do to practice your volume reading skills

(DVD 6) Module 6 & 7: Cause & Effect + Swing Points

Run time Module 6: 30 minutes | Module 7: 27 minutes

In module 6 we focus on cause and effect and how it applies to stocks. Cause and effect applies to all aspects of life - not just stocks. We discuss energy and what is the cause and effect in stocks. In module 7 we discuss swing points in stocks along with ABCD patterns and how you can use them to setup a trade. In these two modules you will learn:

  • What is cause and effect and how it applies to stocks.
  • How to look at the energy of the stocks and what it means to the movement
  • How wide price spread is the effect in stocks and how it confirms the move
  • What are swing points and why it is invaluable to understand them
  • The basics of ABCD patterns and what to expect from each leg
  • How the volume should act & behave when looking at breaks in the swing points

(DVD 7) Module 8 & 9: Support & Resistance + Confluence

Run time Module 8: 31 minutes | Module 9 Run time: 20 minutes

In module 8 you will learn about support and resistance and how watching certain levels in a stock will allow you project areas where a stock may bounce or power higher. In module 9 we focus on confluence which is about understanding areas or points where a stock comes together. Think of confluence as a point wh ere buyers and sellers meet - it is this area that could show you mixed signals and throw you off your game. In these modules you will learn:

  • What is support and resistance
  • Examples of various support and resistance lines
  • How resistance lines can become support lines and vice-versa
  • What is confluence and how it applies to stocks
  • How confluence tricks traders with their entries and exit points
  • How much confluence to expect in stocks at various price levels

(DVD 8) Module 10: Trend Lines & Channels

Run time: 37 minutes

In this video you will learn about trend lines and a more in-depth look at support and resistance using trend lines. We will also cover channels and how a tight channel can ultimately give a stock more importance when it comes to support and resistance. You will also learn:

  • What are trend lines and when to enter a stock if a trend line breaks
  • What is the trend line fan principle and how to apply it on charts
  • What is a healthy trend line angle and why it's important to watch
  • What are channels and why you should watch them in determining your projected move
  • Different types of channels that you may find in stocks

(DVD 9) Module 11: Retracements

Run time: 44 minutes

We know that stocks don't go up forever, nor do they move up in a straight line. In this module we talk about retracements. The right retracements are healthy in a stock and knowing what is a healthy retracement or a fake retracement will give you more confidence on pull backs. If you know whats a healthy retracement, then you will know areas of support, resistance, and opportunities of where you can purchase the stock on a bounce. In this module you will learn:

  • How most people think stocks move and how they really move
  • What a healthy retracement looks like in stocks and what to watch for
  • Why I love pull backs and retracements and you should too
  • What is Fibonacci and how to use it in your retracement levels
  • What are the important Fibonacci levels to watch in stocks
  • How to calculate Fibonacci levels in your stock retracements
  • How to calculate expansion levels in a stock move

(DVD 10) Module 12: Gaps

Run time: 23 minutes

Gaps occur frequently in stocks if you watch the markets closely. It is important to recognize gaps in a stock in not only that there is a gap, but how big of a gap the stock created, when it created it, and what can happen when a stock you're watching gaps up or down. In this video you will learn:

  • What are gaps in a stock
  • Why gaps are important in a stock and why you should watch them
  • Why the distance and space the gap creates is important
  • How gaps can create support and resistance areas
  • Why gaps typically get filled and what it means for the stock
  • Why sometimes gaps do not get filled
  • What are the three types of gaps and when do they occur

(DVD 11) Module 13: Reversal Patterns

Module 13 Run time: 56 minutes

Reversal patterns are key signals in a chart that develop prior to a stock changing its direction. Reversal patterns give you clues and signals of when a potential trend could be over. In this video you will learn:

  • What are chart patterns and the two primary chart patterns stocks have
  • What you should focus on when you watch chart patterns
  • How the head and shoulders pattern is constructed
  • When you should enter or exit the head and shoulders pattern
  • How to forecast and project the movement on the head & shoulders pattern
  • The triple top and bottom patterns and what to watch for on the break of the pattern
  • How double tops and bottoms are created and when you should enter these patterns
  • How to identify false breakouts on the double top and double bottom patterns

(DVD 12) Module 14: Continuation Patterns

Module 14 Run time: 66 minutes

Continuation patterns are healthy movements in a stock that give it a pause (or breathing room) right before the stock continues moving in the same direction as it was heading before. When you know how to spot continuation patterns, they will create opportunities for you to add to your position so that you can make the most out of the trade. In this lesson you will learn:

  • What are continuation patterns
  • What is the difference between continuation and reversal patterns
  • Three types of triangle patterns and when to enter the trade
  • How to calculate a projected move on a triangle pattern
  • What does a flag pattern look like and when you should enter the trade
  • How to spot a pennant pattern and when is the right time to pull the buy trigger
  • What are the right volume signals on flag and pennant pattern
  • What a trading range looks like and when to enter the stock
  • What is a cup and handle pattern and how to trade it

(DVD 13) Module 15 & 16: Moving Averages + Oscillators

Run time Module 15: 27 minutes | Module 16: 23 minutes

In module 15 you will learn about moving averages and how you they can give you a cleaner picture to a stock's movement if you are having trouble figuring it out. You will also learn a few ways to trade just off the moving averages. In module 16 we will cover the basics of oscillators. Oscillators are usually better suited to use as exit signals and in this module you will learn about some common oscillators and how you can use them. You will learn:

  • The basics of moving averages and what they are
  • Popular moving averages that many traders scan and watch
  • Different types of moving averages that you can use in your trading
  • How to use the double crossover method in moving averages
  • What are oscillators and when you should use them
  • What are some popular oscillators and the basics of how to use them

(DVD 14) Module 17: Putting Your Analysis into Action

Run time: 28 minutes

The final module is about wrapping things up and putting things together. You will get some final tips about trading, some ideas of what you should think about prior to executing a trade, and some final insight. Topics we cover in this video include:

  • A basics game plan that you should think about before trading
  • What company specific data you should look at before entering a trade
  • A few final general tips on trading
  • A list of resources that you can use to continue your training
  • The next steps you should take with your trading and what you can do to continue to improve

Bonus #1: 211 page printed study guide included!

Now included - a study guide that outlines and summaries all the videos! It includes sections that you can take notes in as well as any exercises and examples from the course so you can easily reference back. Over 235+ pages in a solid printed book format. Please note: a digital downloadable PDF version is also available with online access.

Bonus #2: Technical Analysis Practice Homework

Run time: 57 minutes

This video lesson is about practicing and applying some of the skills that you learnt with technical analysis on real stock charts.

When you learn concepts and theories in a course they are just theories. You have to take those concepts and apply them to actual real stock charts so that you can spot different trendlines, support and resistance, channels, ABCD patterns, confluence, and more!

So in this video lessons we will go through a few different stock charts looking at technical analysis, finding those support and resistance lines, and start applying some of those technical analysis skills that you've learnt.

Bonus #3: How to Scan Stocks and Build a Watch List!

Run time: 76 minutes

Did you ever want to learn how to properly scan stock charts or how to build a watch list the right way?

Having the right watch list can save you hours of time scanning for potential breakouts. A great watch list can even reduce the number of stocks you need to watch giving more mental clarity and precision so that you don’t miss a profitable trade in a large clutter.

In this video lesson you will learn:

  • The tools that I use to scan for stock setups
  • What charting time frame to look at when scanning your list of stocks
  • How to scan charts without touching the computer
  • How long you should spend on evaluating a stock chart
  • How to properly use your monitor real estate and watch stocks as you are waiting for a break in your pattern
  • How to build your clean stock list
  • How to properly create your A and B watch list

Bonus #4: 245 Money Making Stock Charts Video Guide!

Run time: 78 minutes

If you’ve purchased the 245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups book and wanted a deeper explanation about the charts in the book, how to look at the charts, and what to watch for then this video guide is it!

Even if you do not have the book, this video guide covers extensive material and gives you a lot of practice looking at various technical analysis on the charts.

In this guide we will go over a few basic stock chart examples right from the book. We will also cover some trading concepts that are difficult to discuss in a print book such as:

  • Why you want to take profits into strength
  • What is wide price spread
  • Why you want to see wide price spread on the break
  • How to look at charts in multiple ways
  • Volume patterns and why you should look at them
  • Watching risk and reward & finding favorable opportunities
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you enter a little bit late
  • What is a healthy trend line and why it’s important to spot them

Bonus #5: Free 30 Day Trial of the Critical Charts for New Members

If you haven't subscribed to the critical charts in the past, I want to give you a free 30 day trial of the critical charts service for free! The critical charts are the charts that I am looking at in the current market conditions to breakout higher or lower. It is about getting my insight on various charts in the market and to follow the hot stocks.

* Please note this bonus is only valid for people who have never tried the critical charts service before and is not valid for current members *

Get 17 Videos + Study Guide + Online Access for Just $649

Over 10+ Hours of in-depth Stock Market Technical Analysis Training

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Get 17 Videos + Study Guide + Online Access for Just $649

Over 10+ Hours of in-depth Stock Market Technical Analysis Training

If you have an account then please login first before purchasing! All buyers will get instant online access after purchase.
If you don't receive your registration details within 30 mins please check your spam box or contact us and we will manually setup your account.
This course or item is for online access only. Physical copies, disks, dvds, or printed material are NOT shipped with this course.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Have any questions about this course? Browse through our FAQ's below...

What is the Technical Analysis course about and what will I learn?

This course is 100% focused on in-depth technical analysis training. If you have trouble reading charts, predicting chart movements, or are new to technical analysis then this course helps bridge those gaps.

In this technical analysis course we cover the core topics that you should know when evaluating a chart and prior to taking the trade.

The topics that we cover include candlesticks, volume, cause and effect, swing points, support and resistance, confluence, trend lines, channels, retracements, gaps, reversal patterns, continuation patterns, moving averages, and oscillators.

What level or experience should I have prior to taking the Technical Analysis course?

Prior to taking the Technical Analysis course I highly recommend that you took Understanding the Stock Market course or at least have a good grasp of stock market basics. Although this course can be taken at any time during your stock market educational journey, it is best if you have at least some basic knowledge and education of the stock market.

Although not required, it might be wise to take the Stock Trading Foundation course prior to taking the Technical Analysis course if you are struggling with charts and technical analysis. The reason is the Stock Trading Foundation course is a less extreme and less advanced technical analysis course. It would give you a good foundation prior to taking this course.

Make sure you have a huge learning drive or ability to stick with long-form educational material as this is course requires a lot of your time and may require you to watch it and study it multiple times.

How long is the Technical Analysis course?

The Technical Analysis course includes 17 modules (or 14 DVDs). The 17 videos total 10 hours and 39 minutes.

  • 245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups: 78 minutes
  • How to Scan Stocks and Build a Watchlist: 76 minutes
  • Practice Homework Bonus: 57 minutes.

The total video run time between the course and bonuses is 14 hours and 9 minutes.

Does the Technical Analysis course come with a study guide?

Yes, this course comes with a 211 page study guide. It is huge!

What bonuses are included with the Technical Analysis course?

With this course a few bonuses are included:

  • Bonus #1: 211 page study guide
  • Bonus #2: Technical Analysis Practice Homework Video
  • Bonus #3: How to Scan Stocks and Build a Watchlist
  • Bonus #4: 245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups
  • Bonus #5: Free 30 Day Trial of the Critical Charts for new members
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