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Learn How to Properly Market Your Blog Business

The Critical Marketing Concepts, Strategies, Techniques, and Mentalities to Marketing a Blog Business


Course Difficulty:
This course is recommended for people who have an online blog website and are interested in growing their blog business through marketing.

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Overview of Marketing Your Blog Business Course

See a detailed breakdown of each video and what you will learn

Module 1: Foundation

Run time: 27 mins 41 secs

Before starting this journey, It’s important that you know my personal story and why I’m qualified to teach you about marketing. As well as some key points that will help you take the best out of this course. Video topics include:

  • What are the the recommended pre-requisites to this course and the recommended readings that will help you while you look toward growing your blog business
  • My personal story, how I started blogging, built an online business, and grow my income online
  • Success tips on how to be more successful as you learn from this course
  • The basic framework to how this course is setup, the topics we will cover, and the journey ahead

Module 2: What is Marketing?

Run time: 12 mins 45 secs

Learn exactly what marketing is and why it’s so important for the success of your blog business. Video topics include:

  • What is the definition of marketing and why marketing a key components to a successful blog business
  • The right approach to looking at marketing and how it applies to every component within your business
  • Other definitions related to marketing and the difference between them
  • The key tasks that you need to focus on in order to grow your business

Module 3: Everything in Marketing is a Test

Run time: 15 mins 13 secs

Not everything you try in your business is going to work. Find out what you can do to increase your chances of success. Video topics include:

  • The right mindset that you need to have if things aren't working out in your favor
  • The process to finding what works within your business and how to make adjustments
  • How properly test different strategies and ideas within your business so that you don't waste time
  • How to accelerate successful strategies so that you are using your strengths rather than your weaknesses within your business

Module 4: Thinking About Every Concept with Marketing in Mind

Run time: 19 mins 40 secs

Marketing is affected by everything you do within your business. If you want to do things the right way, you need to think about marketing at all times. Video topics include:

  • The right way you should be looking at marketing and your customers so that you stay focused on the bigger picture
  • The different stages that a customer goes through as they conduct business with you and how to nurture them at each step
  • How to properly create a long-term relationship with your customer so that you can add value in the future and sell more products
  • The right way to use a business card or any print material to move your prospect to the next stage of the sale

Module 5: What Successful Blogs Did or Are Doing

Run time: 15 mins 51 secs

Sometimes we are tempted to look at other successful companies and copy what they do in order to taste a little bit of their success. Remember you need to learn how to walk before you can run. Video topics include:

  • What we typically are attracted to as we see success and why it is not the right approach for making business decisions
  • The different stages a businesses may go through and why you are at a different stage than most of them
  • What are the critical things that you should be focusing on to grow your business

Module 6: Creating Killer Headlines

Run time: 21 mins 05 secs

Being able to write awesome headlines can make the difference between a business full of paying customers and bankruptcy. Learn to do it the right way. Video topics include:

  • The importance of creating killer headlines and how they move people to the next step in your business funnel
  • How to use headlines to get them to take action and buy your products
  • A list of triggers that motivate people to click, buy, or take action that you can use in your marketing material
  • How to use headline formulas to create headlines, titles, and call to action phrases that convert
  • How to use specificity and emotional trigger words to make your headlines even more powerful and enticing

Module 7: Marketing is Like Building a Relationship

Run time: 09 mins 25 secs

People won’t buy anything from you, unless they know, like and trust you. Learn how to build solid relationships with you customers and get them to love you. Video topics include:

  • Why relationships within your business are essential to building long-term customers
  • How relationships are built through time within your business and you how you can deepen the relationship process
  • How to look at timelines as you build your business relationship to see the future potential

Module 8: Marketing Sequences

Run time: 29 mins 46 secs

Marketing sequences help you understand your business in a step by step manner. Always knowing what comes next can make a huge difference. Video topics include:

  • How marketing sequences can help you find problems within your business and adjust them for higher growth
  • Various examples of sequences and how they work within marketing and your business
  • How you can have multiple sequences within your business to constantly refine your user experience and take the customer to the next stage
  • How having sequences within product offerings can help you sell more products and make more money
  • What a typical buying sequence may look like and the mentality you need to have as you deal with customers
  • A general sequence that you can use as a guideline to look into the future and improve your business

Module 9: Acquiring Blog Traffic

Run time: 54 mins 19 secs

If you can’t get eyeballs pointed in your direction, your business won’t survive long. The good news is that traffic is everywhere, you just need to learn how to redirect it. Video topics include:

  • The three types of traffic that you can have with an online business and the benefits of each
  • The difference between traffic methods vs traffic techniques and what you should focus on
  • How to use authority websites to accelerate your website traffic
  • How find and get listed in authority websites within your niche
  • Examples of various authority websites within specific niches or sub-niches
  • How to stairstep your marketing techniques and grow your business

Module 10: Passive vs. Active Traffic

Run time: 15 mins 55 secs

It’s important to understand the difference between passive and active traffic, since you need to decide which approach you want to take for your business. Time vs. Money, it’s your choice. Video topics include:

  • The difference between active and passive traffic and which one you should focus on
  • How to balance active traffic methods with passive methods to create your ideal traffic combination
  • How to look at the resources you have avaliable (time and money) and use them to grow your business

Module 11: Your Money Printing Press

Run time: 21 mins 23 secs

The money is in the list. Build a big list full of engaged and loyal customers and your success will be guaranteed. Fail to do so, and your business will struggle enormously. Learn the basics of list building in this module. Video topics include:

  • Why it is important to collect assets and build a list
  • The different types of lists that you can have within your business and how to take things deeper
  • Why having a social media following doesn’t count as having a list
  • What is more important when building your list: quality or quantity?
  • Why it is important to have an email list management company and some companies you can start with

Module 12: Building Your List by Creating Your Bribe

Run time: 29 mins 42 secs

Learn how to make people eager to join your list, by making them an offer so attractive, they won’t be able to refuse. Video topics include:

  • The big picture steps to building an email list
  • A detailed overview and examples of the list building process
  • What is an email list campaign and how to use it as an automatic selling machine
  • The importance of a bribe and an enticing offer and how it helps get people to sign up
  • Incentive ideas that you can give to people for signing up to your list

Module 13: Get People to View Your Offer & Collect the Asset

Run time: 31 mins 40 secs

There are hundreds of ways you can get people to see your offer. Learn some of the best ones and create a system that will bring huge amounts of traffic to your website. Video topics include:

  • List of various techniques that you can use to get people to your offer page
  • A breakdown of how various traffic sources may play a role with the quantity of your website visitors
  • How to find out what works when it comes to your traffic methods and what doesn't
  • The importance of creating a system based on what works for your business

Module 14: Delivering Your Offer

Run time: 16 mins 26 secs

Delivering what you offer to your customers is one of the most important steps in the relationship building process. Fail to do so, and you will lose your customers’ trust instantly. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Video topics include:

  • Why delivery is one of the most imporant parts to any sales process
  • How the delivery part can break your credibility if you don't do it the right way
  • How using simple language and words can help increase your effectiveness and sales

Module 15: Building Value

Run time: 21 mins 54 secs

There’s nothing more powerful in business than being able to create a win-win relationship with your customers. The only way to achieve that is by becoming a value giving machine. Give them what they want, and they will give you what you deserve. Video topics include:

  • Why you should constantly give value to your customers and how it will benefit you in the long run
  • How win-win relationships are created in business by adding value to your prospects
  • What is the friendship bank account and how it works within business
  • Why it is important to build a list of hot prospects and how it can help you convert them into customers
  • How to warm up a cold list so that they trust you and become more willing to buy from you

Module 16: Lifetime Value of a Customer

Run time: 16 mins 46 secs

Learn what’s the lifetime value of your customers and you will know exactly how much you can spend to acquire them. Video topics include:

  • What is the lifetime value of a customer and how it affects your business profits
  • How to estimate the lifetime value of your customer so that you can see the long term profit potential
  • Two primary ways of looking at your customer when it comes to profitability and why most people look at their customers wrong
  • How to look at value by going beyond your initial customer and look at referrals

Module 17: Power of Reciprocity

Run time: 09 mins 44 secs

Give and you shall receive. People always want to do the right thing. Take advantage of the polite factor and build a business based on reciprocity. Video topics include:

  • How to use reciprocity to create a win-win relationship with your customer
  • How politeness and kindness can be powerful to increase your sales
  • How reciprocity plays a major role in business and why you always need to add value to people
  • How contributing first to others can reduce their risk, increase your trust, and grow your profits

Module 18: Determining Your Customers' Problem

Run time: 13 mins 28 secs

Knowing your customers’ problem is the most important thing that will help you create products and services that will help them solve those problems. Most entrepreneurs create products that nobody wants because they don’t solve problems effectively. Don’t be like them. Video topics include:

  • How getting inside the mind of your customers' problems, frustrations, and inspirations can give you insight growing your business
  • What is the 3 brain theory and how plays a role when it comes to customers' problems and frustrations
  • How to use your customer’s problems to build and create a product or service specifically for them
  • How to use your email list and social media connections to get more insight about your customers’ problems

Module 19: Developing the Product

Run time: 11 mins 21 secs

Very few times you will create a product that’s perfect from the start. Products need to be in constant development I order to become the best they can be. Learn the right approach to product development. Video topics include:

  • How most entrepreneurs approach product development and why they fail
  • The right way to create products that sell
  • How a products evolve overtime and why you need to constantly innovate
  • The #1 mistake people make when launching a new product and what you should do instead

Module 20: Testing Your Product

Run time: 13 mins 33 secs

Testing your products is vital for your business survival. You need to find out whether or not your customers are satisfied with you products, and make improvements to keep them always happy. Video topics include:

  • The importance of testing your product prior to launching it on the mass market
  • Why your product is the bridge your customers' goal and what your role in is in the process
  • How to save time and money and avoid creating a product that will fail
  • How giving away your product can benefit you in multiple ways and bring you exposure
  • How you can get reviews, testimonials and referrals for your product before it launches

Module 21: Generate Interest & Buzz

Run time: 22 mins 49 secs

If you want customers to have a deep connection with you and your business, you need to keep them interested at all times. Learn how emotions can help you keep your customers hooked. Video topics include:

  • How to use emotions to build a connection with your customers
  • How a deeper connection level with your prospects can increase your sales
  • Why negativity is extremely powerful for generating interest and buzz

Module 22: Present an Offer to Your List

Run time: 35 mins 09 secs

Learn how to write amazing sales pitches that will make your customers fall in love with your products. Video topics include:

  • Examples of my sales pages and the theory behind why I present offers to my customers a certain way
  • Why you should always over-communicate your message as you present an offer
  • The importance of answering your buyer’s objections during the sales process even if they are already committed to buying
  • What is price juxtaposition and how you can use it to communicate value to your potential customers
  • Sales pitch formulas

Module 23: Upsells and Downsells

Run time: 15 mins 52 secs

Once your customers have their credit cards out and are ready to buy from you, this is your opportunity to offer them your whole arsenal of products and make the purchase multiple times bigger. Video topics include:

  • What are upsells and down sells and how you can use them within your business offerings
  • An example of an upsell and down sell process within a business
  • How many upsells or down sells should you offer during the buying process

Module 24: Deliver What You Promised

Run time: 21 mins 45 secs

During a transaction one of the parties involved is at risk at any particular point. Don’t betray your customers’ trust. Always over-deliver and keep them coming back for more. Video topics include:

  • The risks points that are incurred as a buyer or a seller during the transaction process
  • Why the delivery process is critical for building trust with your customers
  • The importance of over-delivering and giving additional value to your customers
  • How you can help fix a problem during the delivery process even if you are at fault

Module 25: Feedback and Improvements

Run time: 17 mins 33 secs

Customer feedback is your best insight to improving your business. Learn how to ask for it and how to use it properly to make your business great. Video topics include:

  • How to get more feedback from your visitors and customers so that you can improve your business
  • How to evaluate the feedback that you receive and decide what to take action on
  • Why getting feedback from one person can mean there is a bigger problem beneath the surface
  • Why feedback creates a never-ending process for improvement and growth within your business

Module 26: Testimonials and Referrals

Run time: 16 mins 03 secs

Testimonials and referrals are a key ingredient for attracting new customers. Learn the number one factor that will help you get tons of testimonials and referrals, and keep your products attractive. Video topics include:

  • The difference between a testimonial and a referral
  • How you get more testimonials and referrals for your business with my simple process
  • When to properly ask for a testimonial or a referral so that people follow through immediately
  • How to use emotional hot buttons to get more referrals

Module 27: Word of Mouth Marketing

Run time: 12 mins 51 secs

Give people a strong reason to talk about your business, and you will never run out of new customers. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and make your business unique. Video topics include:

  • What you can personally to do to create word of mouth buzz about your business
  • How to create a "wow" factor in your marketing material to make concepts and content spread
  • How you can change your business concepts, strategies, or operations to make your business more friendly to word of mouth marketing

Module 28: Inputs and Outputs of Marketing

Run time: 15 mins 56 secs

When running a business, there are things that you can control and other things you can’t control. Learn how to find out what you can control in your business and use it to achieve your goals. Video topics include:

  • What are inputs and outputs and how they are used to run your business
  • Examples of inputs and outputs when it comes to an online business and what you need to focus on
  • How to get the results that you want within your business by focusing on the right inputs

Module 29: Measuring Results: The Scorecard

Run time: 19 mins 12 secs

Measuring your results and constantly making adjustments based on them is what will guide your business path and will keep it moving forward smoothly. Learn how to use a scorecard to measure and improve your results fast. Video topics include:

  • Why it is important to see what is working within your business through a scorecard
  • What is a scorecard and how you can use it to grow and improve within your business
  • How to make minor and major adjustments in your business with a scorecard
  • An example of a scorecard within an online business

Module 30: Final Wrap Up

Run time: 26 mins 25 secs

In this module we will review the most important aspects covered in this course. You now have everything you need to go out there and build a successful blog business. It’s time to take massive action and do whatever it takes to achieve your business goals. Video topics include:

  • A quick summary of the key points and topics that we covered during the course
  • Resources that can help you within your business
  • What you should do and look at next when it comes to growing your business

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Get 30 Videos + Study Guide for Just $149

Over 10+ Hours of in-depth Core Blog Marketing Training

If you have an account then please login first before purchasing! All buyers will get instant online access after purchase.
If you don't receive your registration details within 30 mins please check your spam box or contact us and we will manually setup your account.
This course or item is for online access only. Physical copies, disks, dvds, or printed material are NOT shipped with this course.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Have any questions about this course? Browse through our FAQ's below...

What is Marketing Your Blog Business and How Will it Help Me?

Marketing Your Blog Business focuses on showing you marketing concepts that are necessary to grow a blog business.

Many online business owners simply do not understand how to properly get out of the growth slump. They are stuck at a certain level and cannot breakout.

This course focuses on sharing with you proper marketing techniques that you can use to grow your audience, bring in more prospects, build an email list, and increase your sales through marketing.

Many of the concepts taught in this course can also be applied to other businesses and areas such as brick and mortar businesses, social media, and in person marketing however the focus throughout the course is blog-based businesses.

What level or experience should I have prior to taking this course?

Anyone who has an online business or more specifically a blog based business and is looking to market their business properly. It is recommended that you already have a website online and running as you will get the most out of the material.

How long is Marketing Your Blog Business?

The Marketing Your Blog Business course is 10 hours and 11 minutes long. The length of each video is as follows:

  • Module #1 is 27 minutes
  • Module #2 is 12 minutes
  • Module #3 is 15 minutes
  • Module #4 is 19 minutes
  • Module #5 is 15 minutes
  • Module #6 is 21 minutes
  • Module #7 is 9 minutes
  • Module #8 is 29 minutes
  • Module #9 is 54 minutes
  • Module #10 is 15 minutes
  • Module #11 is 21 minutes
  • Module #12 is 29 minutes
  • Module #13 is 31 minutes
  • Module #14 is 16 minutes
  • Module #15 is 21 minutes
  • Module #16 is 16 minutes
  • Module #17 is 9 minutes
  • Module #18 is 13 minutes
  • Module #19 is 11 minutes
  • Module #20 is 13 minutes
  • Module #21 is 22 minutes
  • Module #22 is 35 minutes
  • Module #23 is 15 minutes
  • Module #24 is 21 minutes
  • Module #25 is 17 minutes
  • Module #26 is 16 minutes
  • Module #27 is 12 minutes
  • Module #28 is 15 minutes
  • Module #29 is 19 minutes
  • Module #30 is 26 minutes
Does Marketing Your Blog Business course come with a study guide?

Yes - the Marketing Your Blog Business study guide is 86 pages.

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